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"PXT put on the best class I have had in 29 years of Fire Service.  It's a real hands-on, taught by true professionals, and not recommended for the faint of heart."

Dave Beisel, Ladder 1, Seattle Fire Department

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"I have been a Fireman for 32 years, and I have never taken part in a class so well instructed, or organized. Every instructor was on the same page. That's a very rare accomplishment."

Lieutenant Mark Anderson, City of Kirkland Fire Department

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  • PXT 401 College Credit
  • Comng Soon! PXT 201/202

Shoreline Community College
November 9, 2011

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PXT 401 Hybrid Safety for First Responders
Shoreline Comm.College, Shoreline,WA
OPEN Enrollment
Registration through SCC http://www.shoreline.edu/ce

Matt Stroud, MGS Tech owner/operator

Due to the ever-changing technologies in the automotive field, Hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles have become common place on our roads.  These pose new risks and require new approach procedures for Firefighters and first responders.  To respond to this need, PXT, in cooperation with the MGSTECH Corporation, offer PXT401.  MGSTECH has designed a Hybrid response guide (HRG) and an in-depth training course to provide Firefighters and first responders with the up-to-date information they need to safely work with all types of vehicle incidents.

The up-to-date training course provided by PXT and MGS TECH offers an on-site Hybrid/New Technology course geared toward either first responders or body shop technicians. Each class includes discussions about Hybrid parts locations, high voltage hazards, power down procedures, fire and submersion tactics and will dispel myths and misinformation about these vehicles. Our course also goes into depth on Airbag (SRS) systems and alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to the classroom portion, attendees have the opportunity to put their newly learned knowledge to use by performing power down procedures and practicing other tactics on a live Hybrid vehicle. This course is a must for keeping first responders abreast of changes involving response procedures for Hybrids and Alternative Fuel vehicles.

Course Outline

  • What is a Hybrid?
  • Hybrid Types
  • Voltage Hazards
  • Parts Locations
  • Power Down Procedures
  • Fire Procedures
  • Submersion Procedures
  • Hybrid Myths
  • Airbags / SRS
  • Alternative Fuels / New Technology
  • Future of Hybrids

MGS Tech

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*** All Classes are NFPA 1001, 1006, and 1670 Compliant***

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Shoreline Community College

PXT 201 / 202 Accredited Advanced Auto Extrication