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All Classes are Compliant with NFPA 1001, 1006, & 1670

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NFPA 1001 - Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1006 - Standard for Rescue Technician Professional Qualifications

NFPA 1670 - Standards on Operations and Training for Technical Rescue

The Puyallup Extrication Team Course Descriptions

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The following are the courses of instruction currently offered by the Puyallup Extrication Team.  Please check our "Team Calendar" link on the main page to view all classes that are currently scheduled for 2016.  The PXT cadre of traveling instructors is also available to provide your agency with training at a location of your convenience.  In addition to the classes listed below, PXT is able to customize classes to meet your agencies specific needs or requirements. 

Please contact either Jeff Pugh, (253) 381-0213 or Charlie Kemp, (206) 799-5441 for more information on scheduling and prices.  Thank you for your interest in the Puyallup Extrication Team. Please call for Class pricing.

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PXT100 Series | Intro to Extrication

PXT-101 Basic to Advanced Extrication Course

  • Operations & Awareness Level, Duration: 8 Hours
  • Note: A cost effective course for departments with a limited training budget. 8 hour classes range from $1500 - $2000 depending on the number of students. Maximum class size: 20 students.

Basic Fundamentals of Extrication to include terminology, tool knowledge and use through classroom which may include hands-on training as well emphasizing consistent extrication terminology and philosophy

The Basic Vehicle Extrication course is geared towards people new to the fire as well as those that have extrication experience. The course is a slightly scaled down version of our extremely popular PXT-201 course. The difference being a slightly larger student to instructor ratio as well as PXT using your departments tools, equipment while supplementing with PXT’s as needed. This course has a limited amount of classroom time focusing mainly on hands-on (typical of ALL PXT courses).

The students will use various tools and equipment associated with extrication such as hydraulic rescue tool systems, air-lifting bags, non-hydraulic powered and manual extrication equipment, and various stabilization equipment.  Initial scene stabilization & extrication techniques are completed on cars on their wheels.  Scene management (ICS) techniques are covered, and students are introduced to basic & advanced stabilization and extrication techniques.  There is an emphasis on patient care, packaging and extricating.


PXT200 Series | Auto Extrication 2 Day - Pre-req for 300 Series

PXT201- Basic Auto Extrication Course, 1 Day

  • Technician Level, Duration: 8 Hours
  • Note: Prerequisite for 300 Series classes

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Day one of our most popular 8 hour courses which include a short classroom session followed by an all hands on introduction to modern auto extrication practices using hydraulic and non hydraulic rescue tools.

PXT202- Advanced Extrication Course, 2 Day

  • Technician Level, Duration: 8 Hours
  • Note: Prerequisite for 300 Series classes

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Day two of our Advanced Auto Extrication is an all hands on course utilizing air bags, hydraulic, pneumatic and hand tools. The focus is on advanced stabilization & lifting to free entrapped victims in simulated accident scenarios.


PXT300 Series| Technical Machine & Heavy Extrication  2 Day

PXT301- Technical Extrication Course, 2 Day

  • Technician Level, Duration: 16 Hours
  • Note: The 16 hour course requires prior completion of our advanced extrication training or training from a recognized training provider.

Grant Funding available -->> The Pierce County Fire Chiefs’ Association through the TEW Training Committee of the Region 5 Homeland Security Coordinating Council is proud to provide grant funding for 18 registrations and 12 backfill/overtime attendee funds to support this great class.  Please contact Chief Gary McVay at to utilize grant funding.

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This 16 hour course requires prior completion of our advanced extrication training or training from a recognized training provider as well as an RS-I or equivalent course completion.
Teams of students led by a student team leader will attack and mitigate complex and heavy extrication scenarios. This scenario based course is designed for advanced students and will challenge them with problems that are difficult to replicate at their home training facilities. Students can expect to see scenarios involving large mass transit vehicles, cable guard rail systems, vehicles on sloping terrain, vehicles into collapsed structures, collapsed freeway props, vehicles wrapped around poles, and machinery entrapment.

PXT400 Series |  Hybrid Safety for First Responders

PXT401- Hybrid Safety for First Responders

  • Technician Level, Duration: 3-6 Hours

Due to the ever-changing technologies in the automotive field, Hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles have become common place on our roads.  These pose new risks and require new approach procedures for Firefighters and first responders.  To respond to this need, PXT now offers PXT401.  PXT has designed a Hybrid response guide (HRG) and an in-depth training course to provide Firefighters and first responders with the up-to-date information they need to safely work with all types of vehicle incidents.

The up-to-date training course provided by PXT offers an on-site Hybrid/New Technology course geared toward either first responders or body shop technicians. Each class includes discussions about Hybrid parts locations, high voltage hazards, power down procedures, fire and submersion tactics and will dispel myths and misinformation about these vehicles. Our course also goes into depth on Airbag (SRS) systems and alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to the classroom portion, attendees have the opportunity to put their newly learned knowledge to use by performing power down procedures and practicing other tactics on a live Hybrid vehicle. This course is a must for keeping first responders abreast of changes involving response procedures for Hybrids and Alternative Fuel vehicles.

Course Outline

  • What is a Hybrid?
  • Hybrid Types
  • Voltage Hazards
  • Parts Locations
  • Power Down Procedures
  • Fire Procedures
  • Submersion Procedures
  • Hybrid Myths
  • Airbags / SRS
  • Alternative Fuels / New Technology
  • Future of Hybrids


NEW ** PXT500 Series | Command and Control

PXT501- Command and Control

  • Technician Level, Duration: 4-8 Hours

This course covers Command and Control aspects of the overall scene and extrication. Its practical application is designed for firefighters to battalion chiefs. Course also covers interior stabilization as well as patient care and removal.


PXT 601 / 602 Hand Tools Only Auto Extrication


PXT601- Hand Tools Only

PXT 601 (4) Hour Course: This course is our basic introduction to “Hand Tools  Only” Auto Extrication Course. The students will learn the art of extrication using hand tools with heavy emphasis on The First Responder Jack, Reciprocating Saws, Air Chisels and other basic hand tools. The course will cover the following using a passenger vehicle on its wheels:

  • Scene Size Up
  • Safety Considerations
  • Extrication Plans
  • Egress & Access for rescuers
  • Basic Stabilization
  • Auto Extrication


PXT 602 (8) Hour Course: Here the students will cover the basics listed above as well as advanced techniques in auto extrication in the following categories:

  • Advanced Stabilization using simple Hand Tools
  • Advanced Cribbing Techniques
  • Patient Removal
  • Car on its side procedures
  • Car upside down procedures
  • Vehicle over-rides
  • Several advanced auto extrication techniques
  • Some Heavy Lift

For both classes PXT can provide all the necessary tools and equipment as well as provide Instructors only using your departments/companies tools & equipment. In either case PXT can instruct up to 32 students in both the PXT 601 and 602 courses.

Please contact us at or by calling 253.381.0213 for more information and to schedule training.


*** All Classes are NFPA 1001, 1006, and 1670 Compliant***

Please call for Class pricing.