About Our Team"I have been a Fireman for 32 years, and I have never taken part in a class so well instructed, or organized. Every instructor was on the same page. That's a very rare accomplishment."

Lieutenant Mark Anderson,
City of Kirkland Fire Dept

"This class should be mandatory, whether you experience or not! You will learn (or review) basics, various extrication equipment, vehicle scenarios, alternative methods & much more at a comfortable pace. It does not hit you right away hoe much you learn or raise the level of extrication skills you may already have….then you look back on the day and go “WOW”! I appreciate the opportunity to have taken part in the valuable experience, Thank You."

Tony A. Brosco
FF/EMT, SE Thurston Fire District #2

Letters of Reference

 Comandos de Salvamento
of El Salvador

Mark N. Hoffman DMHP EMT-B


Puyallup Herald Article Aug 2009

"Classes are set up very well, with the four stations.  The info / skill are current and the delivery came from experience.  Thank you!"

T. Knoeppel, VFD

"PXT put on the best class I have had in 29 years of Fire Service.  It's a real hands-on, taught by true professionals, and not recommended for the faint of heart."

Dave Beisel, Ladder 1,
Seattle Fire Department

PX Team Competition

The Puyallup Extrication Team || Professional References

I have to say that the class exceeded all my expectations. You and your team of instructors were exceptional. It's very clear to me that each of you have a passion for what you do and the desire to see your fellow brothers in the fire service successful in the area of vehicle extrication.

Thank you for instilling confidence in us and equipping us with tools to be able to approach, analyze, develop and execute a plan for a vehicle incident. I'm looking forward to sending down our second group for their class next week.

Michael Stewman
Captain, Rescue 2
Greater Prudhoe Bay Fire Dept.
BP Exploration Alaska, Inc.

“One of the important programs offered by the IAFF 7th District office is the annual FIREOPS 101.  This programs is designed to give “policy makers” a small glimpse of the job of a professional fire fighter or EMS responder.  An opportunity to walk in our shoes for a day.  There are six stations those policy makers participate in and one is the “vehicle extrication” station that is run by the Puyallup Extrication Team.  Jeff and his team are professional in their delivery of knowledge and helpful in assisting those policy makers in getting a “true insight” to our jobs on the street in this discipline.  They have helped me from the inception of the program that emphasizes that our job is “time critical, labor intensive and highly technical”.  The Puyallup Extrication Team certainly is a reflection of that statement.” 

Ricky J. Walsh, IAFF 7th District VP

"Yes I would recommend this class to my peers. I've taken this course 2 years now and bring all information back to my shift. Thank you for a great training day."

Justin L., Hanford FD

"Yes I would recommend this class. Great hands on - practical short solutions - learned new extrication ideas (truck tunnel)."


"Best class I have seen in 37 years. Yes I would recommend this class to my peers."

GHF Dist 7

"I would Definitely recommend this course to my peers. It is always obvious when an instructor has a passion for their craft and for teaching. Thanks a bunch! -

David Benzick, CCFPD #4, Clallam Co.

"PXT has compiled the most knowledgeable and talented group of instructors I have had the pleasure to work with. PXT allows lots of time for the hands on training. (I can’t believe what you can do with a hi-lift jack).  PXT has supported the IAFF, WSCFF Fire Ops 101 for 7 years at the Volpentest HAMMER Training Center with great enthusiasm and appreciation from their students."

Scott Jones

To whom it may concern,                                                  August 11, 2011

My name is Brian Bixby and I have been a captain volunteer firefighter on the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay Alaska for over 15 years. I have been to fire fighting training in New Orleans, Reno Nevada, Elko Nevada and North Bend Washington. I have done confined space and high angle rescue training in Elko Nevada and vehicle extrication classes in Palmer Alaska, North Bend Washington and in Puyallup with PXT.

As far as any of the Vehicle Extrication classes I can honestly say that PXT (which I have had the pleasure to work with on 4 different 5 day classes) is leaps and bounds above anywhere I have ever trained as far as there professionalize in their staff, the knowledge base of the staff, training techniques from the staff, all of the latest and greatest tools along with plenty of spares in the event one fails or breaks and the training facility in Puyallup.

I would list names of the staff that I have worked with over the years but would feel bad if I left anyone out.

If you are looking for any training classes that PTX holds you need look no further. You just found the BEST.

Brian Bixby
AK, Ops MPU Well Operations Coordinator
Office (907) 670-3387  / Harmony #4676
(Alternate: Lee Hulme)

"I have had the honor of knowing the Puyallup Extrication Team for almost a decade.  Over the many years that I have been priviledged to know the members of the team, I have continued to be impressed with their professionalism and their constant and never ending improvement in the field of rescue.  Their mission to educate and their passion for saving lives is more than anyone can possibly put into words.  Our company has been proud to support this team through grants and scholarships over the past years. 

The general public does not realize that over 40,000 deaths occur every year in the United States from vehicular accidents.  I personally pray that the day my family needs the first responders to extricate us from an automobile, that the local fire department has been trained by PXT or a team who has been trained by them.  When seconds count, there is no subsitute for the proper skills and training.

Wishing the Puyallup Extrication Team the best!"

Chris Roberts
President, Global Health and Safety Companies

"Thanks to the PXT team for all your help over the years.. Your truely a professional group of guys who have shared your knowlegde and experience with colleagues both here and abroad.  I have enjoyed competing against you guys, working side by side with you guys and every time i have had the opportunity to assess your team in a challenge, i have learned something..  On behalf of InterAmerican Firefighters Foundation Thank you for all you have done for us and for sharing the vehicle rescue message accross borders!! PXT keep up the good work!!!!!"

Richard P. Fernandez
Coral Gables Fire Rescue
TERC USA Int. Assessor
Inter-American Firefighters
Director of Operations
r.p.fernandez@att.net | 305-345-1309

"PXT put on the best class I have had in 29 years of Fire Service.  It's a real hands-on, taught by true professionals, and not recommended for the faint of heart."

Dave Beisel, Ladder 1, Seattle Fire Department

"Of course I would recommend this course to my peers! Great for 2 year guys, 10 year group and 20 year guys. Every LT and Capt. should have this as a job requirement."

Jeff Shelman

"Being a former school teacher of 12 years, I appreciate the completeness with which the info is presented. There is obviously a lot of effort put into the instruction. Almost as important, I love the passion that the instructors have for the topic and our learning. This class is the best class I have taken related to the fire service."

Derek Abdella
Kent Fire RFA

“If you take this class you can get a car off a person in 27 seconds.”
Jesse Wise

Thanks to you and your team for putting on the class at Ocean Shores over the weekend.  It was without a doubt one of the best trainings I have attended

Thanks again

Thank you for an exciting and awesome exercise on our property. We were worried about clean-up and safety. Your team went way beyond our expectations in tough weather conditions and left our property spotless.It meant a very long day and we sincerely thank you.

If anyone doubts your teams follow through we would be happy to relay our story.
Your team was great.

Ocean ShoresKen Mercer
Director of Tourism & Business Development
City of Ocean Shores


"I have been through several different extrication drills and I have to say PXT is undoubtedly number one in the business!  This was, is, and will be the best drill ever. I expected excellence, but you provided so much more.  Thank you again!"

Lou Trcka, Fire Chief, Carbonado Fire/Rescue
Fire Chief Merle Frank,

This letter comes to you with geat appreciation for the maximum efforts that your Extrication Team members put forward in order to make the 2006 "Pile Up in Puyallup" a complete success!  The hospitality and professionalism extended to me as a T.E.R.C judge was the best that I have ever received during any challenge I have been a part of, as either a judge or a competitor.  Your members hosted a Regional challenge that was as credible as any International competition.  I was also impressed by the high standard of professional competence and integrity that each and every one of your team members had shown during the Hands-on Advanced Auto Extrication class that I was so fortunate to be associated with as an instructor.  Within your dept you have some of the most dedicated and highly informed extrication specialists that the fire service has to offer, and I hope that these individuals receive the support and recognition that they deserve for this challenge and any other extrication activities that they decide to pursue in the future.

One final note, if myself & my family were traveling in your jurisdiction and had the misfortune of being involved in a Motor Vehicle accident, I can rest assured of receiving the utmost in professionalism and patient care.  The success of any Organization depends on its structure...and you have got the right people working for you.


Randy Schmitz
Calgary Fire Dept

It's set up very well, with the four stations.  The info / skill are current and the delivery came from experience.  Thank you!"

T. Knoeppel

"I would recommend this course because when trained to realism you perform a lot better when the real deal hits."
T. Dierdorff
Clackamas Fire

"I absolutely recommend this course.  I would take this course again!  There is no way I absorbed everything.   I wish I could send all of our truck companies 2x yearly."
K. Roban
Portland Fire & Rescue

"Yes, it is always a great opportunity to find different techniques and tools to accomplish the job.  I now have a larger "tool box" to use on any motor vehicle accident."

P. Williamson
Seappoose Rural Fire District

"Yes I would recommend, because the more players we get on the same page the better we will be as an organization."

S Pongracz
Boring Fire