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PXT Team Bio

Our Mission Statement

To build on our skills and knowledge in vehicle & heavy rescue extrication so that we may share information with all rescuers to meet our common goal— “Saving Lives” …

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Jeff Pugh








Lt. Jeff Pugh has been involved in auto and heavy extrication for over 21 years as a professional firefighter/instructor and 4 as a Volunteer with 13 years as a company officer for Central Pierce Fire & Rescue. He has competed in and helped organize extrication challenges Regionally, Nationally and Worldwide for the past 13 years. He has sat as Chairperson as well as an active member/instructor of his county's Special Operations Team. He is also a Rescue Squad Leader for FEMA WA-TF-1 with training in several rescue disciplines. He has been involved in numerous educational extrication videos including the 10 disc series for "Action Training Systems". He is co-owner of Rescue Innovations; creating the First Responder Jack for the Hi-Lift Company.

Jeff is one of the founders and currently sits as the President of the Puyallup Extrication Team (aka PXT) that has been in existence for over 15 years. He is also a lead instructor for PXT as well as his own department instructing departments throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, El Salvador and parts of Europe. Competed in all levels of extrication challenges Regionally, Nationally and World Challenges. Writes related training articles for the 5th Alarm. Tester and evaluator for manufactured prototype and current models of extrication PPE and tools such as the First Responder Jack. Jeff instructed Command & Control of a Motor Vehicle Accident at the 2015 FDIC in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Professional Qualifications:

  • ICS 100,200,700 & 800 course completion 
  • FEMA Rescue Specialist / Rescue Team Leader
  • Rescue Systems I & II
  • IFSAC Instructor One
  • Haz-Mat Technician 
  • KCTOA Fire Officer Academy
  • Qualified Technician Trained in Rescue Disciplines;
  • Rope Rescue, Trench Rescue, Structural Collapse,
  • Swift Water Rescue, Confined Space Rescue 














Charlie Kemp started his career in the fire service in 1992 as a volunteer with KCFD#46 and then moved to Enumclaw Fire Department. He has also been a member of Rescue One, a technical rescue group based out of Enumclaw. In 1998 he became a firefighter/paramedic for the Puyallup Fire Department. In 2009 Puyallup Fire merged with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue. Charlie has been a member of the Puyallup Special Operations Team since 2000. Charlie is one of the original members and a lead instructor for the Puyallup Extrication Team. He has competed with the team at a regional, national and international level. He enjoys passing on the training and techniques he learns at these events, to other firefighters, through their classes.


Professional Qualifications:

  • Rescue Systems 1&2
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Structural Collapse
  • Swift water Rescue 1&2
  • Rope Rescue
  • IFSAC Instructor 1
  • ICS 100/200/700/800

Ryan Taylor













Ryan started his career as a Firefighter/EMT with Puyallup Fire and Rescue since 1991. Puyallup Fire merged with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue in 2009. He is currently a member of the Puyallup Special Operations Team as well as the Pierce County Special Operations Team. He has been involved with the Puget Sound Search and Rescue team (FEMA) as a Rigging Specialist since 1992, and was deployed to Oklahoma City in 1995, New York City in 2001 and Hurricane Rita in 2005. Ryan currently is a lead instructor for Pierce County DEM. Outside of the fire service, he has been involved with heavy equipment operations for over 20 years. Ryan has been a member of Puyallup Extrication Team since 2005, and is currently a lead instructor. He has competed in local, national and international TERC events.


Professional Qualifications:

  • Rope Rescue 
  • Confined Space Lead Instructor
  • Structural Collapse
  • Trench Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue 
  • Rescue Systems I
  • Rescue Systems II Lead Instructor
  • WATF1 Heavy Rigger 
  • CDL and Heavy Equipment Operator


Frank Naubert













Frank has been employed by with Central Pierce Fire and Rescue since 1989. He has been a Rescue Technician on the Central Pierce Fire and Rescue Special Ops Team since 1997. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2000. Frank has been a FEMA team member since 1998, first as a Logistician and currently as a Rescue Technician. The team deployed for 16 days to Gulf Port, Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina. He has been the Team leader and Incident Commander for the RIT Bag CPFR Extrication Team since 2004.


Professional Qualifications:

  • Instructor DEM Instructor I 
  • Instructor DEM Trench Rescue
  • Technician Rope Rescue
  • Technician Swift Water Rescue
  • Technician Confined Space Rescue
  • DEM Rescue System II Certification
  • NFPA Instructor I (IFSAC equivalent)
  • IAFF/ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • ICS 100/200/700/800


Marc Beal













Firefighter/Paramedic with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue (CPFR) starting his fire service career in 1990. He works on a Ladder Company and is a senior member of CPFR and Pierce County Special Operations Teams (PCSORT) in which he is the chair of the joint training committee. Marc is a Rescue Squad Leader for Washington Task Force 1 (WA-TF1) FEMA Team. As an executive board of director and lead instructor for The Puyallup Extrication Team (PXT) he instructs vehicle and machinery extrication throughout North America in addition to being a Lead FDIC “HOT” Instructor and competed in Extrication competitions at regional, national, international, and world events. He is involved in program development and instruction of multiple rescue disciplines within Special Operations Technical Rescue community, Firefighter May-Day/ Survivability, and Ladder Co. Rescue Operations.


Professional Qualifications:

  • Rope Rescue 
  • Confined Space 
  • Structural Collapse 
  • Trench Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue 
  • Medic Dive Technician
  • NFPA Instructor 1
  • Rescue Systems I
  • Rescue Systems II



Chris Burdyshaw













Chris has been a professional firefighter with South King Fire and Rescue (SKF&R) since 2001 with two years of volunteer experience in Kitsap County prior. He is a member of SKF&R technical rescue team and a founder of SKF&R Auto Extrication Team. Chris got the opportunity to compete at an International level with the Puyallup Extrication team in 2006. Chris has also competed in TERC auto extrication since 2001 in regional, national and international challenges. Recently Chris led the SKF&R extrication team to a first place finish in the unlimited category at the Pile Up at Puyallup. Chris is currently working with SKF&R to develop a standard lesson plan for auto extrication. Chris brings his mechanical skills to his approach with auto extrication from his 20+ years of construction.


Professional Qualifications:

  • Rescue Systems I 
  • High Angle Rope Rescue Technician 
  • Trench Rescue  
  • School Bus and Heavy Rescue
  • Licensed Contractor 
  • IFSAC Instructor I
  • ICS 100, 200, and 700 



Ronnie Kent


Ron is married with two young boys 4 and 6.  He has been a Professional Firefighter for Central Pierce Fire and Rescue since 1997.  After 2-years on a Ladder Company, he promoted to Lieutenant.  His currently is an Engine Company Officer.  He has been a member of CPFR’s Technical Rescue Team for 6 years.  He spent 3 years on the FEMA WA-TF1 USAR Team, but stepped aside when he had a newborn and a 2 year old at home.  He keeps himself and his fellow Firefighters fit as an IAFF/ACE peer Fitness Trainer.  He also is an Academy Instructor for CPFR’s accredited Recruit Academy with Instructor I and II certifications.   


Professional Qualifications:

  • Rope Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Confined Space
  • Swift-Water
  • Structural Collapse
  • NFPA Fire Instructor II
  • Rescue Systems I & II 

Anthony John













Anthony has been a firefighter with South King Fire and Rescue Since 1995. He is currently an Acting Lieutenant with South King Fire and a member of the Technical Rescue team. Anthony is one the founding members of the South King Fire Extrication team. He has competed  in extrication challenges at both the regional and national level. Anthony also instruct his departments new hire’s on proper extrication techniques. He’s has served as an Incident Commander and Tool Operator. Anthony brings his energy and enthusiasm to the Puyallup Extrication Team.

Firefighter of the Year >> click to see article from Federal Way Mirror.com




Professional Qualifications:

  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Swift Water Rescue
  • Rescue Systems I & II
  • IFSAC Fire Instructor I



Chris Lorenz













Chris has worked around machinery and heavy equipment since High School. He worked as a Floorhand on an oil platform for 7 years before embarking on his fire service career in 1998. Chris moved to Washington State and has been employed with Central Pierce Fire & Rescue since 2000. Chris has also a member of the CPFR & RIT Bag Extrication Teams that competed and placed in regional TERC events in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and competed in the 2006 and 2007 TERC Nationals. He has been an instructor and competed with PXT since 2006.

He serves as member of the Pierce County Law Enforcement/Fire Joint Training Consortium which has spearheaded the regional joint training & response to active shooter events for over a decade as well as other cooperative operational and training objectives. Teaching at local, regional, state, and federal levels. He has served as a SWAT Medic since 2004.

  • Puyallup Extrication Team Instructor
  • High School DUI Program Instructor
  • Force Entry Instructor
  • TECC/TCCC Instructor
  • Active Shooter Rescue Team Instructor
  • Fusion Liaison Officer
  • SWAT Medic
  • NFPA Fire Instructor I
  • Rope Rescue/Rigger
  • Rescue Systems 1 & 2
  • Heavy Rescue



Professional Qualifications:

  • NFPA Fire Instructor I
  • Rope Rescue / Rigger
  • Rescue Systems I
  • Rescue Systems II


Brian Livingston






Professional Qualifications:
  • LN Curtis & Son 15 years – Rescue Specialist
  • Sumner Fire Dept. 10 years – Volunteer Fire Fighter
  • Auto Extrication Instructor in 13 western states
  • Auto Extrication Instructor D.O.D. world wide
  • Pro Board Certified Fire Instructor II – NFPS 1041-2007
  • Pro Board Certified Fire Fighter II – NFPA 1001-2008


Rick Rainwater started his career in the fire service in 1994 as a volunteer with the City of Sumner Fire Dept for 6 years. In 1995 he started working for L.N.Curtis & Sons where he still works as one of their Heavy Rescue Specialists.

Professional Qualifications:

-Auto Extrication Instructor in 13 western states -One of the Auto Extrication Instructor for the Washington State Academy -Big Rig Auto Extrication Instructor


Erich Hartmann

Erich joined the fire service in 2006. He became a part of PXT in 2012, and has had a passion for auto extrication ever since he saw PXT compete at the “Pile Up in Puyallup” in 2003.

Professional Qualifications:

·          IFSAC FF2
·          IFSAC Hazmat Operations
·          Rope Rescue
·          Water Rescue
·          Wildland FF1
·          ICS 100/200/700/800 

Andrew Krasner


Andrew began his career in the fire service in late 2008 after spending 4 years in the Army as an Infantryman at Ft.Lewis and deploying in support of the Global War on Terror. He started as a volunteer with Edgewood Fire which after a year and half merged with East Pierce Fire and Rescue, he currently works as a part time firefighter at SCFD6. Andrew has been a part of PXT for 3 years and has traveled with them throughout the state and to El Salvador in 2013. 

IFSAC Fire Instructor 1
Rope Rescue Technician