About Our Team"I have been a Fireman for 32 years, and I have never taken part in a class so well instructed, or organized. Every instructor was on the same page. That's a very rare accomplishment."
Lieutenant Mark Anderson, City of Kirkland Fire Department

"This class should be mandatory, whether you experience or not! You will learn (or review) basics, various extrication equipment, vehicle scenarios, alternative methods & much more at a comfortable pace. It does not hit you right away hoe much you learn or raise the level of extrication skills you may already have….then you look back on the day and go “WOW”! I appreciate the opportunity to have taken part in the valuable experience, Thank You."

Tony A. Brosco
FF/EMT, SE Thurston Fire District #2

Thanks to you and the PXT team for all your help over the years... You’re truly a professional group of guys who have shared your knowledge and experience with colleagues both here and abroad.  I have enjoyed competing against you guys, working side by side with you guys and every time I have had the opportunity to assess your team in a challenge, I have learned something..  On behalf of Inter-American Firefighters Foundation Thank you for all you have done for us and for sharing the vehicle rescue message across borders!! PXT keep up the good work!!!!!

Richard P. Fernandez
Coral Gables Fire Rescue
TERC USA Int. Assessor
Inter-American Firefighters
Director of Operations

Puyallup Herald Article Aug 2009

"Classes are set up very well, with the four stations.  The info / skill are current and the delivery came from experience.  Thank you!"

T. Knoeppel, VFD

"PXT put on the best class I have had in 29 years of Fire Service.  It's a real hands-on, taught by true professionals, and not recommended for the faint of heart."

Dave Beisel, Ladder 1,
Seattle Fire Department


“One of the important programs offered by the IAFF 7th District office is the annual FIREOPS 101.  This program is designed to give “policy makers” a small glimpse of the job of a professional fire fighter or EMS responder.  An opportunity to walk in our shoes for a day.  There are six stations those policy makers participate in and one is the “vehicle extrication” station that is run by the Puyallup Extrication Team.  Jeff and his team are professional in their delivery of knowledge and helpful in assisting those policy makers in getting a “true insight” to our jobs on the street in this discipline.  They have helped me from the inception of the program that emphasizes that our job is “time critical, labor intensive and highly technical”.  The Puyallup Extrication Team certainly is a reflection of that statement.” 

Ricky J. Walsh, IAFF 7th District VP

The Puyallup Extrication Team

Our Mission Statement

To build on our skills and knowledge in vehicle & heavy rescue extrication so that we may share information with all rescuers to meet our common goal— “Saving Lives” …

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The Puyallup Extrication Team is comprised of 13 professional Firefighters that teach the latest techniques in "Auto Extrication". Our team of qualified instructors has instructed thousands of firefighters from Seattle to Chicago since 2000. Our cache of equipment and number of instructors allow us to instruct up to 44 students in our PXT 101-401 series of classes. Our classes cover Basic to Advanced Auto Extrication as well as Technical Heavy Extrication and New Vehicle / Hybrid courses. 

In addition to instructing, we have also been competing nationally as well as internationally since 2000 in TERC vehicle rescue competitions. Vehicle extrication is the rescue skill of disentangling and removal of patients who are trapped in severe automobile accidents. Teams of firefighters from around the world compete in these rescue scenarios to enhance their skills, learn new automotive technologies, and help to advance techniques of auto extrication rescue.

Since 2000, with the help of private sponsors, support from some of the biggest companies in our industry and charitable contributions we have been able to attend advanced rescue seminars, classes, and competitions throughout the US, Canada and Europe. We have instructed Fire Departments and organizations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Canada, Alaska, Illinois, and Ireland .We have competed against and shared knowledge with firefighter from all over the US and the world including Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, Czech Republic, Australia, and South Africa. These interactions have had a compound effect on the way that we perform auto extrication rescues in our own communities.

Click for a list of Competitions and Our Placement
  • 2009 TERC Region 6, Clackams, OR: 1st Place Overall, 1st Place Limited, 3rd Place Unlimited, Top Incident Commander, Runner-up Best Medic
  • 2008 TERC Canadian Regional, Calgary: 1st Place Overall, 1st Unlimited, 1st Limited, Top Incident Commander
  • 2006 TERC USA National Championship Las Vegas, NV: 7th Overall
  • 2006 TERC International Championship Burlington, Ontario, Canada: 10th Overall
  • 2005 TERC USA National Championship Las Vegas, NV: 2nd Unlimited, Best Medic
  • 2005 TERC USA International Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • 2005 TERC USA Northwest Regional, Dallas, Oregon: 1st Unlimited, Rapid & I/C 1st Overall
  • 2005 TERC USA 1st Annual NW Regional, Puyallup, WA : 1st Overall & Best Medic
  • 2004 TERC USA 1st National Championship, Bethlehem, PA: 2nd Overall, 1st in 3 & 4 events, and Best Paramedic
  • 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 Northwest Regtional, Seattle, WA: 1st Overall in all 4 years
  • 2003 TERC International Competition, Dallas, TX: 4th Overall
  • 2002 TERC International Competition, Minneapolis, MN: 4th Unlimited Scenario and voted by our peers for "Team Spirit Award"
  • 2001 TERC International Competition, Burlington, ONT, Canada: 26th Overall


We have become internationally recognized in these events and they have allowed us to increase our skill and knowledge.

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