The Puyallup Extrication Team

 The Puyallup Extrication Team is comprised of 17 professional Firefighters that teach the latest techniques in "Auto Extrication". Our team of qualified instructors has instructed thousands of firefighters from Alaska  to  Argentina since 2000. Our cache of equipment and number of instructors allow us to instruct up to 44 students in our PXT 101-601 series of classes. Our classes cover Basic to Advanced Auto Extrication as well as Technical Heavy Extrication and New Vehicle / Hybrid courses. 

In addition to instructing, we have also been competing nationally as well as internationally since 2000 in WRO/NAVRA  vehicle rescue competitions. Vehicle extrication is the rescue skill of disentangling and removal of patients who are trapped in severe automobile accidents. Teams of firefighters from around the world compete in these rescue scenarios to enhance their skills, learn new automotive technologies, and help to advance techniques of auto extrication rescue.

Since 2000, with the help of private sponsors, support from some of the biggest companies in our industry and charitable contributions we have been able to attend advanced rescue seminars, classes, and competitions throughout the US, Canada and Europe. We have instructed Fire Departments and organizations in The United States, Canada, Europe, Chile’, Argentina, Mexico and El-Salvador. We have competed against and shared knowledge with firefighter from all over the world.  These interactions have had a compounding  effect on the way that we perform auto extrication rescues in our own communities and in our  teachings. 

Our Mission

 To build on our skills and knowledge in vehicle & heavy rescue extrication so that we may share information with all rescuers to meet our common goal— “Saving Lives” …